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In order for me to be able to use some of the artwork in my stationery and tags I need to supply a link to the artists whose work I have permission to use. These artists and their links to their sites are listed here.

Alan Giana
Beverley Lu
Jeff Bedrick
Henri Peter
Jessica Galbreth
Jan Edwards
Johanna Pieterman
Ken Martin
Bonnie Conrad
Mary Baxter St. Clair
Jim Warren
Jody Bergsma

Free Stuff Links

Free Stuff What do you want for free? Click here to get it!
Free PHP scripts

PSP Links

go here to download PaintShop Pro!

Freeware One of the best collections of freeware links available online! This site is a must see.

PSP Tutorial Links  I really love this site, and hope you will check out all the areas to find something you may not know about.

Missing DLL Files  If your filters don't work in PSP then make sure you have all your dll files.

Planet Presets  Find Blade Pro Presets Here

Game Links


Graphic Links
Create Your Own Animations Here you can, if you are interested, learn how to create your own animations. This is a really interesting site.

Kes Art Gallary is a gallery of graphics provided by a few people. Part of the funds received go to help others.


Desktop Themes Unleashed Looking for a great theme for you screen. This is the place to go. The names says it all.

Screen Saver Central Need a new screen saver? Check this place out.

ICQ This is an Internet Paging Service. It is great. I can't tell you ALL about it. You will just have to go look for yourself.

TV Links

Dustin's Days Page
Dateline NBC

Sandra Bullock

Pet Links

Mickey's And Minnie's Yorkie Views



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Indian Image ©Henri Peter w/Permission