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I am a mother of two boys and 5 grandchildren. I am a Receptionist/Bookkeeper for a CPA firm in Anderson.

I currently live in Anderson, Indiana. I use to live Mooresville, Indiana for about ten years. Before that I lived in Tracy, California for eight years. My best friend lives in California. I grew up in Missouri with my brother and sister. I am the oldest sibling.

I love Yorkshire Terriers and have one female at this time. Check out my page on Yorkies. I now have pictures of my dogs I have had on my page for all the see.

I spend a lot of my time online. I enjoy creating web pages and helping others to create their own, however not so much anymore. I use to love to make graphics for people. Now I spend a lot of my time playing games on Steam like, DayZ, H1Z1, DC Universe Online, Dark & Light, and my favorite games I am playing now is No Man's Sky and ARK. Addictions are bad!

I love to read. I have recently been enjoying a lot of my books through audio books. That is if I can get away from this computer long enough. This is so addicting!

I love to write. I have always wanted to write a book. Maybe someday I will when I find the time. I use to write short stories when I was in high school, a few decades ago. I graduated in 1981, that will give you an idea of how long ago that was.

I love the Indian culture. I have a section in my home of Indian plates, sculptures, and pictures. I have a set of old Indian dolls that I have had since I was probable ten years old. I recently found out that there is an Indian Princess in my ancestral background. I can't wait to find out all about her. Weezie, a CL in Pentagon created a beautiful Indian Maiden Applet for me. You must go take a look. She did a terrific job!


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