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I am divorced after being married for 19 years. Who would have ever believed I would be married that long and it not last. Oh well... I am happier now and I know I will meet that one guy out there who will make me happy for the rest of my life. I still want to tell you about my family, so I met my ex-husband in Texas. We started a family earlier than we had planned, but that was okay.

Joshua Chad was our first son. We were both so proud and happy. He looked just like his dad and still does. Six weeks after he was born we were on our way to California. Rick was offered the job in California with United Airlines.

Josh's Senior Picture


Cory 11th Grade
Things were really tough, as anyone will confirm, if you have every lived in California. But we managed, so well in fact that we had another son two years later. Kurtis Cory was our second son. We thought he was going to be a girl. So much that we didn't have any boy names chosen. We found out two and half months before he was born that he was a boy. It was really hard to think of a name for him. We did and he has turned out to be quite a handsome little man.

Both boys look like their dad, act like their dad, and talk like their dad so much it is scary. Both of them are different in their own way and that makes them unique.

About eight years after moving to California we finally got a transfer. We moved to Indiana where we bought a home in the country with about nine acres of land. The boys love the freedom to run and play without the worry of cars racing down the road in front of our home.
United Plane

With this job comes the privelages of flying. Chad has been flying since he was six weeks old and Cory since he was three months. We travel a lot because of this. At least the boys and I do.

Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace
I have been to Londan and Paris. We had such a great time. No kids for the first time and it was our vacation. I really want to go back to Paris, but first I need to learn to speak French. It is really hard to communicate over there if you don't know the language.


Sorry, I don't have any pictures of Paris. We got there late and it was to dark to take any. Maybe next time!
Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge

More About My Family

We love animals. At one time our boys said we almost had a zoo at our home. 
We had a Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot named Tia & an Amazon Parrot named Dolly
We also had a Scarlett Mawcaw named George. George loved to say "Wanna Fight, Pow Pow" and when we go to cook food, he says "Like It" and "Want Some" He was a sweet bird, and very big.
A Parrakeet named Little Bird
Three Guinie Pigs named Lucky, Sweetie, and Sassy
Two Hamsters named Hide and Seek
An Outside Dog named Rusty
I have a Yorkshire Terrier named Angel, but had many many more at one time.  Check my Yorkies pages to see more. 
We had a Sun Conure named Swabby.
Anyway, that is all I have to say. I hope you enjoyed reading about my family. I know some of you love to read about others and some do not. I would love to read about you and your family.

My Genealogy

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