Welcome to Shanoa's Yorkies!!

I have enjoyed raising my Yorkies for years, but have retired.  I know that all my puppies have gone to wonderful homes and appreciate all the lovely praises I have received from those who have provided good homes to my babies.

I do know many wonderful breeders, so if you would like a recommendation feel free to contact me.

In the meantime please enjoy your look around my site!



10) Yorkies do not shed, so when we let you sit with us in our favorite chair you don't have to worry about your clothes.

9) You don't have to buy us a dog bed, we'll gladly share yours.

8) Your skills at body rubs will increase as we love a good massage every evening before going to sleep.

7) Yorkies love to be brushed and pampered and Will let you give us a treat after any good deed you do for us.

6) You can count on each day having kisses, hugs, and smiles in them.

5) You'll learn new games, such as fetch, keep away, and hide and seek.

4) You'll exercise more because you'll want to walk your Yorkie to show him off to others.

3) Your fashion sense will improve when you begin selecting matching outfits for the two of you.

2) No psychiatrist bill as your Yorkie is a good listener.

1) Once they step through your door they walk right into your heart.

I found this on another Yorkie lovers web page and thought it would be a great addition to my page. Sorry, I do not have the web page that it came from.


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