Hi there! I am Isabella. I was the youngest until Angel came along. I only weigh about 4 1/2 lbs. I was born on June 9, 2002. My dog mom was Coco. I am the most spoiled little girl here. lol I have full run of the house that is because I am house trained. I am a good girl and go outside to potty.

I get to spend my days with my mom and sleep at night with the best boy here, Cory. He loves me and I sleep right beside him at night.

I love to bark at everything and seem to be getting in trouble with that a lot lately. I just can't seem to help myself. There are so many critters around my yard if I could get to them fast enough they would be mine..... :)

Do you see these pages are made of me..... I get to be used in the background and in the title. See how rotten and spoiled I am....

Ok, I have some new pictures, so check me out. I just had a bath, combed out and can see.

See you soon!

Below are the first set of my pictures.....

She didn't want her picture taken, so she tried to hide from me. This is why the picture is so dark.

Ok, I had a bath and a pretty ribbon in my hair, but I didn't want my picture taken. I tried to hide under the couch, but she kept tricking me to come out.

Below are some really small pictures of me...  She kept back further away from me and I started coming out.  I thought I was going to get to go outside, but she kept flashing that light in my eyes....

Come back and see me again.....  :)


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