Below are testimonies from great families who have received puppies from Shanoa's Yorkies.


"My husband and I just got married and he wanted a puppy so bad.  I never had a dog before so I wasn't sure about the whole puppy thing.  I was convinced when a saw a picture of the puppy Tara had.  She was the cutest thing I had ever seen.  There were no questions after that.  We visited Tara and the puppy, since she wasn't ready to come home with us yet.  Tara was great at answering all of our questions.  She had us bring a blanket and a toy so she could play with them and have something familiar when she came home with us.  Tara also supplied us with the things we needed to start being a great parent to our puppy.

Our puppies name is Benz.  Benz is the best thing my husband ever convinced me of doing.  I could not imagine our home without her.  She has become a part of our family, and our house would be so quite without her. 

My husband and I are so happy with Benz.  Tara did a great job with her.  When we get another puppy we will definitely contact Tara.  I can't imagine getting a puppy from anyone else.

Tara was also great at talking with me after we brought Benz home.  I had questions since I never had a puppy before.  She was always there to help.  I also think it is  great that she contacts me from time to time to check on how she's doing.  It shows that she cares about the puppies even after they leave her.

Thanks for Everything"


Andi, Jeff and Benz, Ohio


"When my family decided to adopt a Yorkie, I was very uncertain about how to find a good breeder.  I spent several months searching ads and investigating breeder sites on the internet before making a final decision.  I think in the end it was intuition that helped us choose Shanoa's Yorkies.  It was clear that Tara was a conscientious breeder who cares deeply for the breed.  She was eager to answer our questions and ease any apprehensions.  To our delight, she stayed in contact from the time our pup was born until his homecoming.  She relayed charming anecdotes as well as photos to include us in his first few weeks.  Our Yorkie, Jacques, has proven to be irreplaceable part of our family.  He is beautiful, playful and extremely affectionate.  We believe that all of the love and attention that he received from Tara helped to mold his wonderful personality."


Lori, Indiana


"We contacted Tara through breeders.net.  She was very easy to talk to and gave us answers to questions we had.  We purchased a cute little female from her and she has turned out to be a wonderful new member to our home.  Tara was extremely helpful and took great care of our little yorkie.  She never had a problem when we wanted to come out almost every weekend to play with our new family member.  I will definitely refer her to anyone I know thinking about buying a yorkie pup."

Michelle, Indiana


"It was a pleasure to meet Tara and breed my female with her Littlebit.  He is so small and proved himself to be a wonderful stud.  I will be seeing you again and recommend others interested in breeding with her males or buying a pup from her to call Tara.  She is a wonderful lady."

Joan, Indiana


"Our little male is wonderful.  He is so small which is just what I wanted.  Thanks so much for taking such good care of my little one until I could bring him home and spoil him. 

Shirley, Indiana


If interested in a Yorkie please contact Tara at shanoasyorkies@shanoa.com


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